MK Ultra 2022 English Subtitles Free Download

Set during the true and unconscionable Central Intelligence Agency MK ULTRA drug experimentations in the early 1960s, MIDNIGHT CLIMAX follows the journey of Ford Strauss, a brilliant psychiatrist, whose moral and scientific bounda…

MK Ultra 2022 movie released on 07 Oct 2022 in United States in English. MK Ultra english subtitles download, MK Ultra movie is Directed by Joseph Sorrentino and wrriten by Joseph Sorrentino. The movie stars Anson Mount, Jaime Ray Newman, Jason Patric.

Original Title: MK Ultra 2022 (N/A)
Released Date: 07 Oct 2022
Duration: 98 min
Language: English
File Type SRT (Zip File)
Genre: Thriller
Country: United States

MK Ultra 2022 English Subtitles Download


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