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20-year-old Jing Hao came to Shenzhen to live with his young sister alone. The siblings live a warm yet straitened life. In an effort to pay for his sister’s expensive surgery, Jing Hao gets an opportunity by chance, thinking that…

Nice View 2022 movie released on 01 Feb 2022 in China in Mandarin. Nice View english subtitles download, Nice View movie is Directed by Muye Wen and wrriten by Xiaohan Han, Muye Wen, Mengdi Xiu. The movie stars Jackson Yee, Yu Tian, Halin Chen.

Original Title: Nice View 2022 (N/A)
Released Date: 01 Feb 2022
Duration: 106 min
Language: English
File Type SRT (Zip File)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: China

Nice View 2022 English Subtitles Download


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